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Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance Report

A well-established corporate governance mechanism is the foundation for sustainable business operations. CHEM believes in integrity management, and is committed to promoting effective corporate governance structures, protecting shareholders’ rights and interests, strengthening the functions of the board of directors, respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders, implementing operations and financial information transparency. Under continuous improvement of the quality and effectiveness of corporate governance, the spirit of corporate governance has been truly implemented, and is in the pursuit of maximization of shareholders' equity and sustainability of the company.


To implement corporate governance, the company had assigned Ms. Jin-Feng Lai as the Corporate Governance Officer as resolution approved on February 14, 2020. The responsibility includes "providing information required for board of directors' business execution in accordance with the law", "being responsible for board meeting-related matters and shareholders' meeting-related matters in accordance with the law", "providing directors with necessary information for business", "assisting directors for continuing education," and "assisting directors in complying with laws and regulations."


Corporate Governance Report


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