SINCE 1956
About CHEM

Our Corporate Philosophy

(CHEM's mainland factory)

It has been over 50 years since CHEM was established. Being the leader of the industry, CHEM has achieved milestones: generator in 50s, home appliances in 60s, electric meter/high power generator/ air conditioner in 70s, GIS equipments in 80s, system engineering in 90s, and corporate reengineering/ strategic business layout in China.

Market Layout: Going Beyond Linco, Strong-based in China, Aiming the World

Responding to dramatic market change, CHEM continues to adjust its position and pace from making generators, air conditioners, home appliances and GIS to next new product positioning and market. In the future, overall layout structure of CHEM is based on the parts anufacturing center at Hai-men. It needs tremendous investment and hard working operation which is like holding squatting gesture for long time as basic training in Chinese martial art.  After being well trained in such condition, CHEM shall control key factors of market competition: quality and cost; yet it is fully matched with the national electricity policy of China government: production localization and quality optimization. More importantly CHEM may stay close to the market by such business layout.

Different Philosphy

After deployment of switchgear equipments in China market and even the international market, CHEM need to have different philosophy corresponding to much bigger market,more complicated management system and significantly different business model:

  1. To effectively execute new management system: take the system of Linco as bench-mark and duplicate such management experience to different sites with necessary amendment.
  2. To unite outstanding employees from everywhere into one party with "humble", "tolerate", "respect" & "communication".
  3. To win the respect from working partners with self confident and more practical working attitude.

New interpretation of “CHEMist”

After “Going Beyond Linco” stage, it is necessary for CHEM to fully utilize local hired employees for business promotion, technology optimization and quality improvement while integration of human resources is the key for success. Therefore, every employee is treated as a member of the CHEM family, a CHEMist. Hopefully CHEM will become one strong and united team of open-minded CHEMists attracted from all over the world to meet the challenge of international competition.

Its always been the ultimate mission of CHEM which is to create and provide the best new energy to mankind based on its solid foundation in electricity industry. CHEM will also hold on its belief: “faith, effort, success” to make the dream come true.