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Corporate Social Responsibility

We see our social responsibility as one of CHEM’s important missions. We devote continuing efforts and resources to providing social benefits programs, industry-academy cooperation, scholarship opportunities and internship.

1.Social benefits
Starting from the time of the company inception for operation, contributing to the community and society has been on our top list. We not only devote ourselves to environmental protection with energy saving but also participate in giving aids with enthusiasm in major moments such as the 921 earthquake and the Sichuan Earthquake to help those who are in need for better harmonious society.

1994 is the important year of the company since it is the 50th year for us after establishment. As we recall the transformation of the company progress, we sincerely understand that the possible problems and social issues that have been noticed because of the drastic social changes within these 50 years, for example, the rising numbers of underprivileged families, especially some with single parent and the increasing income inequality gap between the rich and the poor.

Here, we have set up “CHEM’s charitable trusts & funds” and it has been successfully running for more than 30 years. We continue our donations to charity groups and frequent visiting to orphanages, long-term care retirement house and nursing home. Currently, we focus on sending support and aids for people who are going through critical illness and/or unexpected events, Meanwhile, we offer living-cost support and other kinds supports. Details are as follows.

  1. Support for critical illness or unexpected events
    Some of the cases that have been subsidized by the company’s foundation were caused by neglecting one’s own health conditions from overloaded work and life stress. Many of whom suffering from cancer, high blood pressure or kidney- related illness were however, the only breadwinner of the family. The foundation not only offers financial support but also check if further assistance is needed with frequent re-visits.
  2. Support for Living Cost
    This is mainly aiming for helping those who living through hardship by giving regular financial support. Currently, the foundation of the Company has been giving support to those suffering from dramatic family changes such as increasing medical expenses or being discontinued for other financial supports. The foundation offers from NTD 3000 to NTD 20000 regularly as subsidies for those in need.
  3. Other social charity events & activities
    The foundation delivers various supports to those in need, as in job opportunities to the disabled and helps the families in need, especially those from underprivileged ones. We give regular donation and visits to Hun-Kuan Children’s Home, SOS Children’s Village of Taiwan and Taiwan Fund for children and Families – Taitung Children’s home. Accordingly, we provide financial supports and funding for tuition fee, lunch cost and daily supplies to children with disadvantaged background. In addition, we adopt children with similar background in the hope of delivering safety and happiness for their future. Furthermore, we start the donation campaign and collect secondhand clothing and books in our company and also send to where it is needed; especially those from remote counties.

2、Industry-Academy Cooperation Plan
Due to the consideration of the shortage in human resource in Electrical Engineering (EE), we not only provide opportunities of scholarship for talented EE students with underprivileged background but develop the scheme for industry-academy cooperation plan. So far we have worked with Chang Gung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Wufeng University, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Lee-Ming Institute of Technology and Vanung University for various projects in electrical engineering research. Moreover, we established the master degree courses in electrical power-supplying industry with National Taipei University of Technology to fully cultivate talents of next generation in Taiwan.

3、Providing scholarship and internship for outstanding students
We started to offer scholarship opportunities for outstanding, enthusiastic, determined students in 1993. College or university students are eligible of twenty thousand to forty thousand dollars with approval, whereas students studying for master degrees could apply for fifty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars each semester as subsidies from our sponsorship. Meanwhile, we encourage students with underprivileged background to continue the education, the Company has been working with the Council of Labor Affairs under the scheme of “Navigation Plan in Job Hunting to provide opportunities from internship for tuition and schooling purposes.

Electrical Engineering is our main expertise. We fully devoted ourselves to the development in energy-saving in this era where high oil price and lack of energy seem to be the norm. Thus, we have established our Renewable Energy Research Center in 2008 and we have been giving the upmost effort to the development of energy-saving products. Meanwhile, we branched out to our energy-saving air-conditioning products and have been promoting them for everyday use ever since. We aim at re-shaping the commercial trend in development with the goal of producing zero pollution, best energy-saving and the most renewable energy-using products to meet the needs.

As for the internal operation, we execute the full implementation of paperless strategy for administration process and meetings. We cut down the consumption for meeting drinking cups and adapt the mechanism for air-conditioning power-saving to achieve environmental protection. Furthermore, we reduce electricity consumption to 1/2 by changing to T5 fluorescent tubes to replace those ones producing lower efficiency and more pollutant efficiently.

In addition, we put efforts in prevention of wastewater. We fully utilize the comprehensive sewerage and drainage system for possible wastewater to cut down the possible water pollution for zero-emission purpose. Comparatively, we effectively plan for the pollution prevention management and energy-saving for carbon reduction in like manner as follows:
A、The company has established the regulations for environmental protection to abide for different demands in air pollution control, water pollution control, waste clean-up, noise control in office space or business related-working sites.

  1. The company shall avoid the possibility of high pollution in any methods for future processes if changes are required, the company shall adapt to methods that are producing high efficiency with low pollution possibilities.
  2. The company shall efficiently use LPG as equipment fuel in heating or baking purposes to reduce pollutants from emissions and to ensure better air quality.
  3. The company shall deliberate thoughtfully for recycling purposes while planning for production equipment and expansion improvement to minimize valuable resources depletion and pollution possibilities.
  4. The company shall plant flowers and trees for eco-friendly landscaping and carbon reduction purposes.
  5. The company shall establish central monitoring system in order to achieve the best power-saving strategies.

B、Prevention and Control:The company shall well manage air pollution control, water pollution control, waste clean-up in accordance with the requirements of the central authorities and shall also assign the personnel to proceed. It’s equally important that the company shall confirm the legitimacy of the performance to fulfill government regulations. Improvement shall be made if such irregularities occur.

C、Air pollution control:

  1. Each process shall have stationary sources which are designated by competent authorities. The company shall also withhold the air pollution control plan, apply the related licenses and operating licenses for setting up and operate in accordance with permits issued by the competent authorities. Emission of air pollutants shall meet the standard and shall not exceed the maximum of tolerance accordingly.
  2. The company shall not engage in burning, grinding, transportation or other operations which might produce significant cause of particles of contamination into the air, or into other people’s property.
  3. The company shall confirm that for individuals who are engaged in construction engineering, powder-like stacking, transporting construction materials, waste or other fortifications should have appropriate protection. As for storage, placement, usage, oven-baking, storing organic solvents or other volatile substances, the company shall confirm the functionality of the equipment and shall proceed the installation of pollution prevention equipment to prevent possible malodorous residues or alike.

D、Water pollution control:

  1. The company shall prepare water pollution prevention program and other related documents for the competent authority to review and approve for permission.
  2. Water pollution control facilities are installed and set in accordance with regulation of discharging piping system for industrial zone. The effluents shall meet the requirements and shall not exceed the maximum of tolerance.
  3. The responsible staff shall keep daily record for the amount of water used and processed, as well as the water characteristic and the use of possible chemicals along with electricity usage. The records shall be used for the energy-saving plan in the annual review.

E、Storage of industrial waste, clearance and disposal:

  1. Cleaning of industrial waste shall be assigned to officially legalized and authorized waste cleaning service for later waste clearance process. The confirmation the legitimacy of the documents and licenses for properly handling the waste shall be properly made.
  2. Each plant and sites shall offer different types of waste collection sites and well execute classification as needed before the storage, waste removal and recycling.
  3. The company shall have waste management assigned to specific departments or units. The priority should be waste reduction from the source and waste reduction on the process of producing. Meanwhile, careful consideration for recycling possibilities shall be made.
  4. The company shall have records made and kept for verification for industrial waste storage, removal and handling of the testing.

F、Noise Control:The sound emitted by the plant (field), construction engineering sites and other places or facilities are strictly controlled so that it meets the requirement and does not exceed the maximum of tolerance in noises such as the noises from processing in manufacture. Sound insulation and further improvement shall be executed and followed precisely.

G、Environmental Management System:Dealing with the environmental issues and problems is seen as one of our priorities. Common problems such as ozone depletion, global warming, acid rain and other environmental problems have been inevitable and urgent to be dealt with since they are now becoming global issues instead of individual problems for certain area. The issue that the Company is now facing has been expended to a boarder and more complicated perspective nevertheless. We now take not only the environmental regulations with demands from local residents, but also the regulations from international environmental agreements and conventions into consideration. Thus, CHEM has thoughtfully included Environmental Management System – ISO 14001 into our policies and regulations to better suit the latest trends in environmental protection and to avoid possible retaliation or misunderstanding consequences from international trading relationship. In the past we started off from meeting the requirement of environmental policy, in the future we aim to focus on the improvement of our technology and meet the higher standard of our Environmental Management System to best facilitate our resource with the most rational use for the environmental protection measure.

To fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility with the goal of continuing progress and development for economy, environment and society, CHEM has set the Code of Principle for Corporate Social Responsibility. Please click the link below for reference.

PDF Available Here