Wind Power Generation

Wind power is expected to be the future major energy source. It contributes not only energy production but also environment protection. To date, in Taiwan, CHEM is the no. 1 contractor in public wind power project who has contracted, installed and finished commercial operation a total of 66 wind turbine units with a total installed capacity more than 88 MW.And 11 wind turbine units are under construction. The installed capacity is 33 MW. The commercial operation is scheduled in 2018. The total of 77 wind turbine units with a total installed capacity more than 121 MW.It share 42.7% of TPC installed wind power in Taiwan.

The carbon reduction efficiency if evaluated by heat value, it’ll have a reduction of 32,240 liter fuel oil consumption or 44.8 ton fossil coal consumption per hour if all wind turbines are operated at rated capacity, accordingly it could reduce 330thousand tons CO2 emission per year if operate at rated capacity.

The Changhua Wangkon Datan(Ⅱ) & Penghu Hushi wind turbine project was contracted by CHEM company, the installed capacity is 33MW. It’s our greatest honor that we got solely dual Best Excellent Gold Medal awards on Design and Construction Quality in first class (large procurement project) that issued by the Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan in 2011. It is the highest official recognition and appreciation for the performance and effort of CHEM Company.