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In 1996, CHEM diversified the business areas and set up the parking management division. In order to strengthen the parking management, CHEM stepped into the DODOHOME Parking System in 2002. With high management efficiency, DODOHOME further boost parking operations and professional image. CHEM DODOHOME took the lead in the parking scale and operations and now is the largest car park service provider.

Major Parking Management Achievements:

1 C.K.S International Airport Terminal 2, parking stalls 2,919
2 Taipei Arena,parking stalls 891
3 TICC,parking stalls 535
4 NKSP,parking stalls1711
5 C.K.S. Memorial Hall, parking stalls 699
6 Fongyuan City, parking stalls 522
7 Taipei Railway East/West Station, parking stalls 200
8 C.K.S International Airport, parking stalls 4,558
9 Roadside parking management business, parking stalls 25,000

Website: http://www.dodohome.com.tw/
Taipei Office:2F, No.19-5, San-Chong Road., (Nankang Software Park) Taipei 115, Taiwan , R.O.C.
TEL: 886-2-26550818